Rokit x Bay Garnett LFW Social Takeover

Having previously developed several activations for Rokit across London Fashion Week, Dust PR London recognised an opportunity with Bay Garnett to achieve high quality content from the most followed shows that capture audience interest

What We Did

To step up both the quality and quantity of content, with access to a higher number of the best shows, whilst also cementing a key relationship for ongoing media support one idea Dust PR recommended was for Rokit to partner with Contributing Vogue Editor, Bay Garnett

The format proposed was a day long Instagram & Twitter takeover documenting a day ‘in the life of a Fashion Week editor’

Bay is widely acknowledged as THE single most influential fashion editor working in the UK today with regard to vintage and so would be the most natural fit for positioning the brand during FW

Our rationale in proposing her relates to the quality of shows she could access, the volume of content she could produce and the longer term benefits of the investment in positioning Rokit as her ‘go to’ destination for vintage

Feedback from Bay Garnett was extremely positive and described the day as “the most fun day I have had at LFW...ever!” Dust PR spoke with Bay multiple times throughout the day, each time receiving emphatic feedback - the brand has elevated for her which will continue to reap ROI long after the activation has concluded

Dust PR monitored traction via instagram during the course of the day and saw consistent increases in followers throughout the day


Estimated Reach: 6,307

Exposure: 87,859 impressions


Estimated Reach: 10,792

Exposure: 97,323 impressions


Estimated Reach: 17,099 accounts

Exposure: 185,182 impressions

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